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  • Best VA Beach places to watch the Super Bowl!

    Best VA Beach places to watch the Super Bowl!

    2016 Super Bowl 50 – VA Beach! It’s fun going out and rooting for your team with fellow fans and not having to cook or clean-up afterwards. If you want to go out and watch the Big Game in Virginia Beach, I’ve got a list of the BEST places to go for watching the Super Bowl.  Plus I have two […]Read More »
  • Trader Joe’s Overlake Red Wine $5.99

    Trader Joe’s Overlake Red Wine $5.99

    Is it possible to get an exceptional red blend wine for $5.99? That was my question for Trader Joe’s 2013 Overlake Red Blend wine. The Overlake Red Blend is 70% Zinfandel, 20% Syrah, 5% Barberra, 3% Malbec and 2% Petit Verdot.  This is a light red wine, take a look at my photo below. It shows […]Read More »
  • Virginia WineFest 2016

    Virginia WineFest 2016

    33 Outstanding Wineries – all the wine you can taste – $30, plus 62 other vendors! This is the best WineFest show I’ve attended at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I went this past Sunday and was afraid that the Saturday event would have depleted their stock but my fears were cured by the abundance […]Read More »
  • The question we ALL ask ourselves every day…

    The question we ALL ask ourselves every day…

    What’s for dinner? This one question always spurs more, like what’s in the refrigerator? What can I eat that’s delicious, easy and healthy?  It’s usually a verbal ping-pong with Mike until I end up cooking something from my memory database of Pinterest. But sometimes (ok more than sometimes) I don’t want to cook, I want […]Read More »
  • 3  Sparkling Wines & Champagne for New Year’s Eve

    3 Sparkling Wines & Champagne for New Year’s Eve

    Want a Champagne or sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve but are unsure of what to buy? My 3 favorite sparklers by taste & sweetness!   True Champagne only comes from the Champagne region in France, but you will see the champagne method used on wines made elsewhere. You can tell the area by the “c”. […]Read More »
  • AMAZINGLY Delicious :)

    AMAZINGLY Delicious :)

    I never thought I would say a Spaghetti Squash recipe was amazingly delicious! But this low carb gluten-free dish tastes incredible. I guess it’s all the scrumptious ingredients   Nothing tastes better thanRead More »
  • Christmas Wine Game

    Christmas Wine Game

    Christmas Wine Game 3 White Wines & 3 Red Wines It is always fun to try new wines with a blind wine tasting game. So for all you wine lovers here is an easy tasting game for your holiday party. You can keep it simple by having folks only mark the wines they like and […]Read More »
  • Virginia Beach Happy Hours & Specials

    Virginia Beach Happy Hours & Specials

    The Best Happy Hour Restaurant Deals in Virginia Beach! I’m always on the lookout for great “Happy Hour deals”, but I’ve had a hard time finding them. When I “Google” for “Va Beach Happy Hour Specials” I get a bunch of “trash” links taking me to websites that want you to place ads. This frustrates me and is […]Read More »
  • Yay! Soup & Chardonnay!

    Yay! Soup & Chardonnay!

    How Peas cause you to lose weight… I don’t know why some people are turned off by the color green or peas. Maybe it reminds them of bad memories from their childhood, from grabbing green bugs to picking their nose. Or maybe their mother didn’t know how to cook and force-fed them ginormous green peas straight […]Read More »
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